Investing in Future Stewards of Michigan’s Natural Resources

Project F.I.S.H. Endowment
Friends Involved in Sportfishing Heritage

An endowment to advance fishing and aquatic resource education programs in Michigan

Today's youth have more options than ever before on how to spend their free time. In Michigan, as across the country, young people are involved in sports, scouts, school clubs, and many other activities. Although some of these activities may introduce young people to the great outdoors, many do not. Traditional outdoor activities, such as fishing, are at risk of not capturing the interest of today's youth. As young people's interest in fishing wanes, certainly their involvement in protecting fish, rivers, lakes and streams will decrease. Interests in Michigan's fishes and the waters they inhabit must be kept strong in order for youth to develop a sense of stewardship for aquatic resources.

Coordinated through Michigan State University's Department of Community, Agriculture, Recreation and Resource Studies (CARRS), Project F.I.S.H. is a premier aquatic resource education program in Michigan, and looked at as a national leader by similar statewide programs.

With trained adult and teen mentors throughout Michigan and in other states, kids of all ages are experiencing the benefits of being on, in , and around the water, in pursuit of the one that "won't get away". These volunteers work within communities in many ways. They form family local family fishing clubs, in and out of school programs, and create lasting partnerships for habitat work in and out of the water. The bottom line is " quality time for kids spent outdoors with a caring adult".
Fishing is more - much more - than wetting a line. It develops life skills, long-term relationships, and responsible care and use of our vital natural resources. With competition from fast-paced action electronics, organized sports, and partental time constraints, fishing, hunting, and other traditional sports are fighting an uphill battle that needs your support.

Your generous contribution will allow for more training of volunteer mentors, continued support of a statewide coordinator who works to support these volunteers through partner networking, procurement of low cost or  giveaway supplies for instruction, and encouragement of new long-term, continued contact education programs in communities all over Michigan.

Help us make sure that Michigan's waters and the fishes that inhabit them are protected for our children and future generations to come. Since the Project F.I.S.H. Endowment is an endowment, your contribution will be invested, with the interest income used to support the Project F.I.S.H. programs. Michigan State University Department of Department of CARRS will recognize all gifts to the Project F.I.S.H. Endowment. All donors will be given credit and membership in the appropriate MSU donor recognition club according to gift qualifications. All gifts to Michigan State University are tax deductible on your federal taxes, and may qualify Michigan residents for a Michigan Tax Credit.

If financial support is something you cannot do, simply promoting this program, offering time and assistance to a local volunteer, and encouraging others to be part of creating future stewards are very large contributions, as we are all part of this effort!

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